How does the fuel card work?

You can use The Truckers Advantage fuel card just like a debit card. Purchases made with your Truckers Advantage card are deducted directly from your account. It also provides the benefit of “cash price” at the pump.

Does the Truckers Advantage fuel card have weekly terms?

Yes. With credit approval, weekly terms are available, and you have the option to choose which day of the week the debit takes place.

How long will it take to get my cards?

Once all the paperwork is received, the process begins, and you should receive your cards within 7 to 10 days. Most of this time is in the mailing process.

Do I need to activate my cards?

No. Your new cards will be mailed active and they will be ready for immediate use.

How will I get paid on the rebates?

Rebates are paid out monthly and deposited into your bank account via ACH. Your point-of-sale discounts are received immediately upon fueling.

What are the advantages of having a Truckers Advantage fuel card?

As an OOIDA member and Truckers Advantage fuel card holder, you can now enjoy some of the advantages and privileges of the large fleets including cash price at the pump, $0 transaction fees in network, rebates, cash services and free Online Account Management. You’ll also have access to money-saving solutions like Permit Services and ProMiles.

Where are Truckers Advantage fuel cards accepted?

They are accepted at over 99% of fueling sites nationwide, including quality independent sites, Pilot Flying J, Speedway, Quick Fuel, Petro, Love’s, TA, Roady’s, AMBEST, PTP, NATSN, Sapp Bros. and Wilco Hess. They are also accepted at over 2,000 rebate locations offering everyday rebates of an average of 3¢ per gallon.

Will I be a charged a transaction fee when I use the Truckers Advantage fuel card to buy fuel?

There are no transaction fees if you fuel within the Truckers Advantage Network of over 2,000 locations. There is a $1.00 transaction fee on fuel for locations outside the network.

Can I use the Truckers Advantage fuel card to purchase the other products associated with the card?

Yes. Services like ProMiles® and temporary permits can be charged to your card on a monthly basis.

What are my ProMiles® options?

Truckers Advantage members have access to ProMiles packages, which include an Internet-based program for fuel optimization, fuel tax reporting, trip routing, and driver log auditing. These programs can be purchased together or separately.

What type of permits do you offer?

Truckers Advantage members have online access to help obtain Fuel, Trip and Oversize/Overweight permits.

How long do I have to be a member to get a card?

The day you have OOIDA membership number you can apply for the Truckers Advantage fuel card program.

How many trucks do I have to have?

If you are an OOIDA member, all of your trucks are covered. So, whether you have 1 or 100, they are all covered by your membership.

How can I receive more information on Truckers Advantage?

  • You can call the Truckers Advantage sales phone number at 866.214.2382

Is there a sign up fee?

There is a $25.00 sign up fee. This cost covers the credit report and other administrative fees.

Are there plans to expand the Truckers Advantage products and services?

Yes. WEX Fleet One and OOIDA will actively search for products and services that meet the needs of independent owner/operators. Members can also make suggestions. With any new product, the goal is to make sure that it’s an affordable option for Truckers Advantage members.